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About Door County Candle Company

About Door County Candle Company

Candleworks of Door County was started by Mike and Tonya Felhofer in May, 2003.

Candleworks was actually the second candle company that Mike started. Mike was Door County's original candlemaker, having started the Door County Candle Co. After selling that business in 1999 and enjoying a couple of years of retirement, Mike felt the calling to make candles once again. With Mike's knowledge, experience and commitment, Candleworks of Door County is producing handcrafted, premium scented candles of the highest quality. The only candles actually made in Door County.

In addition to our large and growing selection of scented candles, Mike and Tonya have taken great care to create a shop which offers a unique and thoroughly enjoyable shopping experience. In our spacious gift shop, we offer an expansive and ever-changing selection of candle accessories. We make our candles right in our shop so you can watch and smell as we pour our handcrafted candles. We also offer you the opportunity to dip your own colorful candle creation and create a special and unique memory of your visit to Door County for young and old alike. Read more about candle dipping opportunities.

On behalf of Mike, Tonya and our entire staff, we invite you to visit us on your next trip to Door County.