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Door County Candle Company's Candle Scents without Lighting the Candle with Warmers and Melting Chips

Sometimes you want a scent in a place where you simply can’t have candles (dorm rooms, office buildings, condos, apartments, etc.). We have a few solutions for that! The first solution is using a warmer/melting pot with scented wax chips. We make scented wax chips (the same fragrances as our candles) that can go into a warmer/melting pot. Melting pots are really clever little contraptions. Some are heated by high wattage light bulbs, while others have a long life heating element (I’ve had one in our store for 10 years and it’s still going strong!!) By simply placing a few scented wax chips into a burner you can get scent into your room without lighting a candle.