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In Door County and around the country, it’s wedding season and who doesn’t love a wedding?! I love going to weddings because I love to see how the bride and groom share their day with everyone. Of course all couples put a lot of thought and effort into the ceremony and the vows. I especially love when couples write their own vows, it gives a brief inside look at their relationship. 

The area where couples can really show off their personal style is at the reception. Some couples focus on the food, some on the decorations, some on a signature drink, and some on the music. Any way you look at it, it’s fun and really showcases the couple’s taste.  

Being in the candle business I’m often asked about candles and how to use them in weddings. My response is always…USE THEM! Having candles during the ceremony gives a soft lighting that makes everything glow. Gorgeous might even be an understatement! Having candles at the reception creates an ambiance that is both cozy and romantic – for everyone!  

Okay, but “how” do you use them? Well for starters you’ll need a unity candle. The unity candle is usually lit by the bride and groom during the ceremony. Not sure what this is? The bride and groom together light the lone unity candle with individual taper candles. The unity candle is symbolic of two people becoming one in marriage, pretty cool right?! The unity candle itself can be either a pillar candle or a scented jar candle. You might be surprised at the number of couples who choose a scented candle for their ceremony. It’s just another way they can personalize things and have something meaningful. We typically customize a label for wedding couples with their names and wedding date. That’s taking something typical and making it personal and incredibly special.  
I also remind couples that keeping the unity candle simple is best. Simple doesn’t have to translate to boring. Simple can be elegant and a “show-stopper”! Traditionally the unity candle is moved from the church to the head table at the reception. So having something that’s easy to move will be appreciated by whomever you’ve chosen to transfer things from church to the reception. Also there will be less chance of something happening to the unity candle if it’s kept simple.  (Please view our video below.)

On to the reception! Remember when I said candles can make things cozy and romantic? The reception is the perfect place to use candles. The lighting again is soft and gives a feeling of warmth. Everyone and everything will glow! One thing to keep in mind when you’re thinking about table décor and candles...keep centerpieces low. A wedding is a very social occasion so make sure your centerpieces help facilitate conversations, not stop them cold. It can also be disheartening for a bride who has worked really hard on centerpieces to see them disassembled or moved to the floor. Rule of thumb, centerpieces should be low and not encroach on your guests dining area (i.e. water glasses should have ample room). Lastly, although I’m in the scented candle business I never recommend scented candles at dinner tables. Whether you’ve made the meal yourself, or have just agonized over the menu, the food needs to stand on its own. Scented candles at a meal can over power the food, leaving it with an unintended taste. So…NO scented candles for dinner, any dinner, any place.

Wedding Candle Centerpieces

(Photo above is from Kirsten Weaver Photography through blog.)

If you really love scented candles (like I do!), there is definitely a place for them at your wedding. You could light them after dinner is finished, or give them to your guests as party favors or thank you gifts. At Door County Candle Company, we can customize labels that have your names and wedding date or just a simple thank you. Giving your guests a thoughtful and personal gift tells them how much you appreciate them being part of your big day. 

Personalized Candle Labels from Door County Candle Company

I love working with couples and helping them find a way to make their special day memorable, not only for them but for their guests also. We’re just a phone call away! 
For more information or to order special customized candles, contact Door County Candle Company at 920.746.2125.

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