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I’m a “scent” person.  Scents can transport you through time (ah…Grandma’s apple pie), they can evoke feelings, they can calm you, they can energize you, and they can even help the thinking and creative process (luckily for me I’m sitting in Door County Candle as I write this, creativity here I come!!). 

Sometimes you want a scent in a place where you simply can’t have candles (dorm rooms, office buildings, condos, apartments, etc.). We have a few solutions for that! 

The first solution is using a warmer/melting pot with scented wax chips. We make scented wax chips (the same fragrances as our candles) that can go into a warmer/melting pot. Melting pots are really clever little contraptions.  Some are heated by high wattage light bulbs, while others have a long life heating element (I’ve had one in our store for 10 years and it’s still going strong!!) By simply placing a few scented wax chips into a burner you can get scent into your room without lighting a candle. We carry a variety of warmers/melting pots, take a peek at our photos below.  

We also carry a gorgeous line of candle warmers (check out more photos below). It’s yet another way to get scent into your room without lighting a candle, but while still using a candle. Doesn’t that sound confusing?! Let me explain. An unlit scented candle is placed in a candle warmer (usually heated with a high wattage light bulb), the warmer is turned on and voila! That’s it! How easy is that?! This is one of those things in life that you cannot mess up. It’s really that easy. In addition to getting scent into the room, one of the other things I love about candle warmers, is that they do give off a soft light so you also get some ambiance. A little luxury that you can enjoy every day. 

One of the things that I love about owning a candle company (besides the obvious – I’m a scent person), is that I get the opportunity to work with customers and educate people on our products both those that we manufacture and those that we sell. Unlike larger retailers, when you shop in our store we take the time to explain every product and how each works. We believe in sharing information with our customers so they can get the most enjoyment out of our products. We hope to have the opportunity to meet you soon! 

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