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“What’s your favorite candle scent?” If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that, I’d be able to stop selling candles. I could retire to a nice beach where the sun always shines. Alas I don’t get a dollar every time I’m asked that, so I guess I’ll just have to answer!

My candles are a lot like my children. I love them ALL, but on any given day I might like one more than another. In other words some shine brighter (excuse the pun) than others, depending on the day (and quite possibly my mood).  

During these later summer months I tend to lean towards our Summer Rain scent. It’s clean and fresh without being overpowering. It reminds me of how things smell right after a rainstorm. Clean, fresh and just a little bit sweet. Another favorite at this time of year is Cotton Fields. This scent is so clean smelling that people will think you’ve spent the day cleaning and doing laundry! Seriously…you won’t have to lift a finger.  

Summer Rain Candle Collection

As summer winds down and fall descends upon us, I love the cozy scents we have. Just think of how a steaming cup of coffee smells on an early fall morning. We’ve captured that exact scent in our Door County Coffee candle. It’s rich and creamy, without a caffeine crash. Not to be forgotten, Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Carmel Swirl candles. They really smell good enough to eat (although I wouldn’t recommend it!). These are the candles that will make everyone’s mouth water, so you better have pie on hand because everyone will ask for some.

Christmas is truly a season all its own. Candles can help enhance the Christmas season. Here at Door County Candle Company we have a few favorites during the holidays. Our Door County Christmas candle is quite possibly the best selling candle we make. It’s so popular during the holidays that we have candle makers in nearly every day filling orders. What does it smell like you ask? It’s spicy, a little fruity, and rich all in one. It’s a candle that we created one winter evening over a very nice bottle of wine. Maybe that memory makes it a favorite for me.

Door County Christmas Candle Collection

Scents are very connected to our memories. I see it all the time. Some people love a fragrance because it invokes a wonderful memory for them. Sometime people will say, “this smells exactly like my grandma’s house”, or “this reminds me of when we went camping”. People are always surprised at how a scent can bring back a memory. 

Scents are very personal. I’ve given you a few of my favorites, but to really know which ones will be your favorite, you should indulge your senses and come in and sniff around (at least until we perfect on-line smelling).  I’d love to hear from you…what’s your favorite Door County Candle Company scent?

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