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Have you ever tried to re-create yourself? Maybe you tried to shake off a nickname between high school and college? Perhaps you wanted a clean slate, so that you could be anyone you wanted to be.

At Door County Candle Company, we’re having these exact thoughts. How do we communicate with our customers or potential customers that we are so MUCH more than candles? Yep, I’ve tried the normal venues – pictures on FB, ads etc., but none of it seems to really work. Mmm…

My solution, I’m going to blog about ALL that we have to offer. Yes, candles and scented candle products are what we “do”, what we “make” and what our “passion” is. However, we also carry tons of home accents, purses, scarves, lovely (and affordable) jewelry, and wind chimes! When you’ve found that perfect gift for someone, you can check out our selection of hilarious (and wicked) greeting cards. Seriously…we have something for EVERYONE! 

I know what you’re thinking, “could you be more specific?” Yes, yes I can! I’m even going to include some pictures! 

Check out these fabulous signs (see below), some are funny, some profound, and some are just down right sweet, and most are made in the USA! I think signs are a great way to show some personality in your home, office, place of business. They let other people know what kind of a person you are before you ever actually exchange words. You can also tell a lot about Door County Candle Company based on these. ;) 

Let’s talk about scarves! We have some gorgeous scarves (most less than $20) for every season. With fall and winter just around the corner these lovely items won’t last long. Along with these scarves are a few lightweight ponchos which are perfect for those sunny and cool fall days. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about our jewelry and purses. We have really cute earrings (all are $10), necklaces, and bracelets. If you need a special piece for a special occasion, we’re definitely worth checking out. If you just want an easy everyday piece, check us out! Our purses are fun and cute and very affordable. I love the cross body styles (see below) and the great tote type bags. 

Wind chimes…we carry a large selection of excellent quality (Woodstock Chimes) wind chimes. Wind chimes make a perfect wedding gift, anniversary gift, birthday gift, and I even gave some to a friend after the loss of her father. Every time her chimes ring, she says it’s her dad just saying “hello”.  That’s the kind of gift that gives long after the wrapping paper has been recycled. 

I mentioned home accents earlier. What exactly are those? You’ve seen the cute little “accents” on end tables, coffee tables, and centerpieces right? Well that’s exactly what they are…accents. They soften the edges of our lives and give a house warmth and character, making a house a home. These accents also make great gifts, because they can really go into any décor. It’s not like buying a lamp that can drastically change a room, rather just a little something that can accent a room. 

I hope that when you think of Door County Candle Company, that you think beyond candles, scented candle products and candle accessories. Times are changing and so are we!

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