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Fall is in the air and if you live in Wisconsin, that can only mean one thing…PACKER SEASON!! Don’t we just love our Green-n-Gold?!

Mike and I have been life-long Packer fans. In fact one of our first dates was a Packer game. That may have been the day I knew he was a keeper. Okay…if I’m being honest it was probably the fact that he didn’t get upset when I sprayed diet coke all over the off-white interior of his brand new Lexus (sheepish grin!). Since that first game together, watching Packer games has become a Sunday (and occasionally a Monday or Thursday evening) tradition at our house. I would guess we’re not that much different than most Wisconsin families.

A few years ago we decided to create a candle that would be a nod to our favorite gridiron team. “America’s Team” was born! It’s the only two-colored, layer candle that we make. We make this candle for a limited time each year, from pre-season through the Super-bowl (or whenever the Packers are done). This candle is a hot commodity, even for our friends in Illinois and Minnesota! 

Each year we change the scent of our “America’s Team” candle. For the 2016 season the scent is vanilla. We went with vanilla this year, because it is one of the most palatable fragrances for a wide variety of people. Just like all of our candles we use the highest quality ingredients and hand-pour each “America’s Team” candle.

From time to time people ask us why we don’t make a “Bears” candle (I’m assuming they’re not from WI). Mike’s tongue and cheek answer, “We just don’t know what defeat smells like.” Of course we’re only kidding! It’s part of the age-old rivalry between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears and their fans. We love to hear about other teams and their fans. Mostly I find all fans are just as crazy and supportive as the Green Bay fans, and that’s what makes football so darn much fun! 

If you’re a true Packer fan and want to try our “America’s Team” candle, you can come into the store in the heart of Door County or you can find us online at “America’s Team” candle isn’t listed on our website due to our limited production of the candles, however you can email us from our web-site and we can get your “America’s Team” candle sent to you!

Perhaps next year we will do a candle for our friends to the west and south of us, but until then we’ll remain true to the Green-n-Gold! We hope you will too! Enjoy football season and all that goes with it!

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